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Packaged Pumping Stations
Our Magna range of fully automatic pumping stations are ideal for the collection and removal of foul, storm, surface and ground water where a gravity connection is not available.
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Waste Water Pumping Systems
We offer a wide range of wastewater pumping systems that are designed specifically for the removal of grey water from situations where gravity drainage is impossible or uneconomical.
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Macerators & Macerating Toilets
A macerator breaks up toilet and bathroom effluent before pumping it away to the nearest sewer. Our range of macerators are ideal for creating a bathroom in a remote location within a property.
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Floor Mounted Pumping Stations
Floor mounted pumping stations such as our Atlas and Piranhamat range are ideal for applications where a large reliable pump is required but cannot be buried underground.
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Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Rising water rates and a changing climate have seen an increase in the demand for rainwater harvesting systems. Our WaterGuard range can help you reduce both your water bill as well as carbon footprint.
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Fat, Oil & Grease Separator Systems
With legislation surrounding the disposal of fat and grease from commercial food premises becoming more arduous, our separator systems can prevent harmful oils entering the drainage system.
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After Sales
We offer a comprehensive range of both after sales and project services which include emergency call-outs, rentals, commissioning site surveys, project design, installations and refurbishments.
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